Prize Winner


Caroline & friends

Coffee Conscience donated a prize of afternoon tea at Gleneagles to our friends at Torwood Garden Centre in aid of Children in Need 2015, this was won by Caroline who is a regular to the Blossoms Bistro on site.

However, due to big birthday celebrations for some of her attending friends Caroline ask if we could arrange  the celebrations for August of 2016, which we gladly did.

I think you`ll agree, it looks like they had a marvellous time!

Coach House Trust House – Glasgow


Set behind the tenements of the Great Western Road in the West End of Glasgow, this project has been instrumental to the support and launch of our ‘Wee Garden Kit’ project. Vegetables, fruits, and flowers have been prepared and planted here to experiment with the range and quantity to enable the first phase of kits to be delivered to schools and nurseries. With an already bulging request list for the project, an August workshop day is planned on the east coast to enable a large quantity of kits to be collected by schools and nurseries and to allow them to engage with the workshop programmes. Already plans are well under way for 2017 to take the supply levels up. Thank you to the staff at the Coach House Trust for the support and facilities and to John Hancox from Fruit Scotland for co-ordinating the initial launch packs.


Apple Orchard Day 2017



Apple Orchard Day date has been confirmed for the 14th September 2016 at Holyrood Parliament in Edinburgh. This year the weather conditions, so far, have been excellent for growing, hopefully groups throughout Scotland will bring their fruits from community orchards planted in the past 4 years. With new MSPs appointed and with cross party support, it will be good to see new and familiar faces at the event as we share the update in the project funding and future plans.

Polythene bag reductions


Early indicators are showing continued decline in the quantity of polythene bags being issued in retail and food outlets. With new legalisation imposed across the UK, will this achieve a greater and more positive outcome for our environment?  in time can we replace carrier bags with long life bags solely? With many high street food retailers sharing their contribution of carrier bag revenues to charities, many local, then this has to be a positive step by reducing waste and supporting many a worthy cause.

One Trip Pony – end of an era for the Glass Returnable Bottle


In the 1960`s, the returnable glass bottle to sell soft drinks would provide 12 trips around it`s life cycle before being replaced. In the 1990`s this was accountable for 6 life cycle trips and sadly in 2015 witnesses the end of the glass returnable bottle for UK biggest distributor Barr`s (link ) .

We are, at times, a disposable society and this end of an era marks our reliance on plastic bottles and the use of energy to recycle and reproduce. I am sure the accountants will have worked on their numbers and the public choice for plastic but this was once a great part of our community, pocket money, re-use, and there is no doubt a taste far superior to the plastic offering. Perhaps one day we will see a return of the returnable bottle as societies habit change to make use of our existing creations and re-use for many trips – not just a one trip pony.

Foodbank Donation – Aberdeen


Coffee Conscience was preparing a Foodbank Donation for a local Foodbank, when we read an article in a national newspaper about a Foodbank in Aberdeen with no food on the shelves. We acted immediately and now 2 Foodbanks have benefited from our community fund. When will one of the wealthiest counties in the world recognise the plight of those less fortunate and make Foodbanks   history?

Working with many Foodbanks for over 3 years, we see the challenges each group faces and the growing numbers visiting Foodbanks. These are individuals and families who are trying to survive day by day.  Foodbanks do not discriminate but we need to take collective action and work towards long term solutions by sharing, reducing foodwaste, diverting over production, and growing more local affordable produce. Coffee Conscience helped by providing immediate hot beverage support but you can make an instant donation at this link  and we will continue to make a difference in every cup sold.

Health Promotion – Educational Sector


Congratulations to the numerous winners throughout the universities & colleges within Scotland in your participation of our Health Promotion which commenced in January and concluding draws over the coming weeks. We hope that you enjoy your local spa treatments, hybrid bikes, and sports vouchers and keep focused on your health and lowering your carbon footprint.

The Single Use Carrier Bags Charge (Scotland) Regulations 2014

From 20th October 2014, new legalisation was enforced to reduce the amount of waste generated from single use carrier bags. Although it may be challenging in the early months for some consumers, the long term benefits for landfill, environmental damage, and loss of wild and sea life will outweigh these changes to our consumer behaviour. No matter how you look at this, the changes in the law will have significant long term benefits and make us, as a society, think about how we protect our environment. Already at shopping outlets, the up take from consumers has been incredible and it begs the question what difference this would have made introduced 10 year ago. That said, the enforcement and 5p charge is a necessary evil and perhaps will encourage greater use of ‘bags for life’ and the used cardboard box – a practice widely used in the 1970`s in our supermarkets to take our provisions home.

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Food Bank Support

In recognition of the growing number of Foodbanks within Scotland and our third year of support offered to similar projects in Glasgow and the east coast, Coffee Conscience has made a donation to Bute Oasis. Food poverty has no discrimination with needs in both urban areas and, increasingly so, in rural and island areas. Coffee Conscience would like to thank local establishments for their continued support towards the funding of Fairtrade coffee, tea, chocolate, and sugar to a well deserving project.  These are still challenging times for many community groups and our brand engages with a wider audience and raises awareness within universities, hospitals, local authority, and high street retailers to make a difference in every cup’.



 (Picture shows Angela Callaghan receiving a donation for the Isle of Bute Foodbank).

A winner in every cup

Following a successful campaign to promote a healthier lifestyle, our recent promotion within South Lanarkshire Council (SLC) has proved a hit with the customers/ staff within their head office site. SLC employee Kate Renton was the successful winner and will soon be enjoying a luxury spa for two from a choice of many premium hotels within Scotland. Congratulations to Kate who was delighted to receive her prize and mentioned that her daughter was eager to be her spa partner. We thank all the staff at South Lanarkshire for their participation and the comments on the quality of our locally sourced coffee and our community engagement support which is endorsed by the council. Although there was only one prize winner in Kate, the SLC staff were all winners by making a difference showing their support to Fairtrade and the  local community.