Edinburgh College – training and orchard planting


As part of their environmental commitment and wider community engagement, Edinburgh College took delivery of a further 40 apple tress to complete the 100 fruit tree planting programme throughout their 4 Edinburgh based campus sites. Picture above holding the apple tree is Severine Monvoison (Community Garden Co-ordinator) and John Hancox (Fruitful Scotland) along with 2 s from the team of over 20 volunteers on the day. Coffee Conscience will be providing further support later in the year to provide fruit bushes for the community garden to allow less abled members of the community, staff, and students to enjoy the paved garden area experience of picking fresh fruits from the stalk. Well done to the team on a cold January day and a special thanks to John Hancox for offering training support of orchard planting and designated tree varieties.

Fairtrade Fortnight


As Fairtrade Fortnight nears, it is good to witness our customers starting to prepare for the annual event. This year we are promoting additional Fairtrade products within our hot beverage offer – a win win for Fairtrade communities. There is no doubt Fairtrade helps and supports developing countries and with climate change affecting the world, we need to do even more in the UK to support Fairtrade. Let`s bring communities together and order your media and poster packs at: http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/en/resources%20library/fairtrade%20fortnight%202016





Winter storms – climate change


No matter how we evaluate the weather, the recent storms and quantity of rainfall records across the country demonstrate the continual changes to our environment and climate change. Our heart goes out to the many communities affected by these tragic events and the gallant efforts of volunteers, army, and local authority helping to support in the clean-up operations. The cliché ‘once in a life time event’ seems a distant memory.  Whilst houses can be repaired and furnishings replaced, we must not forget that homes and memories have been destroyed.  Hindsight is a great thing but more needs to be done to prevent further events from becoming disasters and destruction beyond repair.  With rainforests further being destroyed for urbanisation, we need to further focus on their protection and allow greater forestation. With a world expecting further population growth from 7.3 billion (2015) to 9.7 billion (2050), where does this leave the sustainability of our planet, forestation, wildlife/eco systems and our food resources. In the modern western world where we already have Foodbanks, is this the start of greater concerns for the future.

Polythene bag reductions


Early indicators are showing continued decline in the quantity of polythene bags being issued in retail and food outlets. With new legalisation imposed across the UK, will this achieve a greater and more positive outcome for our environment?  in time can we replace carrier bags with long life bags solely? With many high street food retailers sharing their contribution of carrier bag revenues to charities, many local, then this has to be a positive step by reducing waste and supporting many a worthy cause.

Festive Greetings


Coffee Conscience wish to thank our clients and their customers for their valued support offered in 2015. We wish you, your customers, and your communities a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year.

Let`s all hope 2016 brings prosperity to our communities and also greater respect to our environment for a better world.

Fairtrade Fortnight


Just a reminder that Fairtrade Fortnight runs from 29th February 2016 to 13th March 2016. For your media resource packs and downloads please visit http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/en/resources%20library/fairtrade%20fortnight%202016

Coffee Conscience will be back on the road again on Fairtrade Fortnight to raise awareness and discuss the benefit your choice decision makes to developing countries and communities.

Volunteers required – January planting


Edinburgh College are seeking volunteers and students to help plant 100 apple trees in January 2016 within 4 of their campus sights throughout Edinburgh. Community Gardener Co-ordinator, Severine Monvoison is organising the event and recruiting a team of volunteers to get their hands dirty, burn off some calories, and give something back to their local community.

With further planting programmes in Fife, St Andrews, and Aberdeen planned in January, the Commonwealth Orchards are reminding all orchard plantations of the short window to the end of March for planting.

Children in Need – Appeal Night 13th November 2015



With the 2015 Children in Need event fast approaching, the BBC have made it even easier to make a donation to this worthy cause by following this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/23RHk0CVyXWFwHDBBVkT7h5/donate-or-pay-in-your-fundraising-money  If you can donate via gift aid which will give the charity 25% extra support for your donation.

If you are in the Falkirk area, please visit Torwood Garden Centre (Larbert) as they attempt to raise even more funds for Children in Need and a number of prizes have been sponsored to encourage the community to get involved and break last years fund raising efforts.

Hot Beverage Tender Award


Coffee Conscience are delighted to announce our selection as a nominated hot beverage supplier to the TUCO organisation which co-ordinates the supply agreements for catering organisations within the universities, colleges, and public sector groups nationally. The tender process commenced in May 2015 and after 2 tender submissions and a final evaluation day at Reading University in September, we received the announcement last week. This is an amazing journey for our company, it`s market offering, and ability to deliver client requirements for this sector and on the first attempt entering a tender which had many national/multi-national companies and well-known high street brands tendering. Our inspiration to support Fairtrade in developing countries and support local community groups will hopefully be further enhanced with the tender award. We wish to thank our customers, suppliers, and end user consumers for their support over the years.


Clear Buckhaven – Winter Calendar


As winter and the dark nights are upon us, don`t be put off with this scary lot celebrating Halloween night at Clear Buckhaven in Fife. Indoor classes and workshops start in November to let the community learn more about crafternoons, indoor planting, chutney making, bulb planting, and much, much more. For more details visit http://www.clearfife.org.uk/