‘Wee Garden Kit’ – 2020 Vision launched in Glasgow


In scorching 21 degrees Glasgow weather, primary schools and nurseries attended the Botanic Gardens to collect their ‘Wee Garden kit’ to grow vegetables, flowers, and potatoes. With help from volunteers and staff from Santander, the children had several workshops to visit where they were shown how to plant and seed. In addition, selected schools were given the Fairtrade workshop kits which they are helping to fine tune in the classroom lesson for other educational sites to enjoy.

As part of a joint initiative with Fruitful Scotland, Coffee Conscience are helping to fund the kits with 2,020 planned by the year 2020. Billy Miller (MD of Coffee Conscience) explains “ Each year we fund, attend, and provide workshops to teach children about growing food, the importance of wild flowers, apple and fruit trees, and Fairtrade. Working with Fruitful Scotland has enabled us to provide the workshop in a box and make accessible to all children and engage with the wider communities’. The packs are also supported by Albert Bartlett (known for their delicious potatoes) and the aim is to provide a spring and autumn pack so children can grow in schools/ nurseries and sample some of the food grown. The Evening Times has published an article from the launch @ http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/14484643.City_kids_are_hot_on_gardening_/

The core funding for the kits comes from the sales of Fairtrade coffee, tea, and chocolate into education establishments such as the University of Edinburgh, hospitals, community cafes, high street and leisure customers.

Every Cup is making a real difference and please continue your support for our worthy causes.

Clear Buckhaven goes from strength to strength


Follow the latest May diary for the community to volunteer, learn, and engage in their community at www.clearfife.org.uk; www.buckhavenpathsandtrails.org.uk;

The work of this group is incredible and the skills they share within the community and the impact this makes is a fantastic example of the power of people working together. Well Done!

2020 Vision Launch


Based on the success of our annual workshop day, 2020 Vision was launched at The Gaelic School in Glasgow and starts the programme to deliver 2,020 educational workshop packs by the year 2020. With the help and support of selected schools and nurseries, we are supporting a bi-annual programme which will make a significant difference to the education of children and engage with social, environmental, and community responsibility. Watch this space as we show further launch events and on behalf of the children…….. ‘Tapaph Leat’

Newmains Workshop Event

  tree 1

As part of our wider engagement programme with Fruitful Scotland, we attended the educational workshop day at Newmains Community Centre (NCC) on 15/3/16. This newly purpose built community centre in the heart of the town was our venue and attended by over 100 pupils and staff from the 7 local primary schools and nurseries. The workshops included vegetable seed planting, flower seed planting, potato potting, fruit tree planting and Fairtrade. The workshops aim to raise awareness of our environment/ health, promote local produce and the importance of supporting Fairtrade in developing countries.

 We wish to thank the staff and volunteers at Newmains Community Centre, Fruitful Scotland/ Commonwealth Orchard, our valued local customers and of course the children for their understanding of the workshop subjects and for their contribution in making the event a success.

To celebrate the opening of the new community centre, a commemorative apple tree was planted by the children.

 We also confirmed the launch of our new programme to reach out an even wider audience and provide the support to give greater access to our educational workshop. More to follow on this story but for now please enjoy some pictures on the day.   

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Special thanks to Sandy Mohamet for his photography and capturing the event.




Annual Workshop Day

The successful workshop event held for primary and nursery schools has progressed into the wider community for this year, the joint partnership lead by Fruitful Scotland and fully supported by Coffee Conscience has taken us to Newmains in Lanarkshire. With over 100 children in attendance from local nurseries and primaries, 4 workshops have been planned to learn about seed planting, potato planting, fruit tree planting, and Fairtrade Fortnight. This year a commemorative apple tree will be planted within the grounds of the newly funded community centre by the children to celebrate the opening and the birth of the new garden to be designed and planted by the local community. There will also be a special announcement on the day which starts a brand new national initiative. Pictures and update to follow.


Milestone Achievement


Coffee Conscience reached a milestone in March and a major achievement for the real and original home of social, environmental, and community responsibility. With every cup making a real difference our support helps Fairtrade and wider community engagement. With our apple tree funding for the Commonwealth Orchards about to exceed 2,000 trees, it shows one element of our work which supports community groups, provides local fruit, and leaves a legacy for generations to come. If you have some spare community land or have a local authority with land for wildlife, we can pass your details forward to Fruitful Scotland to plant more community orchards in the UK. Coffee Conscience at the core and making a difference in every cup.

Fairtrade Fortnight 29th February-13th March


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             West Lothian College                                     Glasgow Clyde College

 Coffee Conscience would like to thank all of our customers for their valued support, raising awareness, and on site activities during Fairtrade Fortnight. It is one of the busiest times in the annual calendar and Coffee  Conscience has been on the road across the country presenting Fairtrade and engaging with communities to ensure the continued support to Fairtrade growers and producers. Remember Fairtrade is all year round and not just in March so keep the support rolling in.


Health Awareness Programme

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Our campaign in January to raise awareness and promote healthier lifestyle choices is drawing to a close and we have some picture of winners from various competitions to enjoy sports/ leisure activities to continue a healthier lifestyle.  The real winners are the individuals making informed choices and making a difference to their lifestyle and behaviour.  Enjoy & Well Done!

Our youngest Westminster MP Mhari Black enjoys some Coffee Conscience


The opening of the new facilities at University of West of Scotland- Paisley campus proved popular for students and staff with the visit of Princess Anne. Also attending was local Westminster MP Mhari Black who has her constituent office directly opposite the university. Fantastic to see a Mhari enjoying a cup of Coffee Conscience with staff and students.

University Of West of Scotland Official Atrium Opening


After months of transformation at University of the West of Scotland (UWS) – Paisley, Princess Anne officially opened the new atrium building and centre of excellence at the Paisley Campus. The new extension incorporates modern educational facilities, meeting space and a premium ground floor Coffee Bar serving a full range of quality coffee, frappes, and premium sandwiches and bakery products in a stunning modern setting overlooking the main campus. Best wishes to UWS and the continued success in taking educational excellence to the next level.