Foodbank – Glasgow

It is a timely reminder of the hardship which falls within our communities with the growing number of Foodbanks and the increasing donations made each year to the groups and volunteers who serve the day to day requirements and new recipients of Foodbanks. Coffee Conscience, has forwarded beverage products to Glasgow Foodbank (Elim Church) which we have supported in previous years. Project Co-ordinator, Audrey Flannigan, confirmed their support to feed over 4,500 individuals in 2014 which is expected to increase by a further 25% in 2015. These are astonishing figures and we must support our own community, continue to donate to Foodbanks , and encourage more community gardens to provide additional self-support, education, and offer an additional healthy food resource. Spare a thought not just at Christmas but through the year to Foodbanks, their receivers, and the countless volunteers.


MacMillan Cancer Support

Our posts in November have been less due to the bereavement of a close family member taken from our lives by Cancer. Cancer affects many individuals and almost every individual will know of someone or be part of someone`s life who has cancer. Our praise for the MacMillan Nurses, and the staff at Derby Royal Hospital for their care and professionalism during our loss.  Please spare a thought and, if possible, please donate to

Together we can beat this and put our faith in our medical professionals, scientists, and the many organisations for their dedicated services.


Barnardos allotments -Motherwell

We are pleased to announce the introduction of an orchard at Barnardos allotments in Forgewood, Motherwell. Our donation will help encourage young people to be involved in a life changing project which offers support for their independence, encourages healthy eating, and enables the clients to engage with other individuals and socialise in an environment, which for many brings a new lease of life. Similar to the ‘Help’ programme operated in Argyll & Bute, our managing director knows only too well the difference these projects offer young people. Some of the clients end up destitute through no fault of their own and often homeless. This first step to their recovery ensures a roof over their head and engages with the clients to prepare healthy food for a balanced diet, manage budgets, and develop their confidence to limit social exclusion. Many of these programmes have found their budgets cut in recent years and it is vital that we support similar projects as, at times, we can all fall on bad luck, and it’s reassuring there are projects out that that can help us with a fresh start to recovery and a better life and lifestyle.


Forest Garden –The Red Shed Project

Coffee Conscience met with a project called The Red Shed based in Coldstream, Berwickshire. Forest Gardening is a way to grow in a compact wooded area where everything is edible, supports wildlife and makes incredible use of compact spaces (or large areas) to grow herbs, vegetables, & fruits using the available space including the base of fruit trees to where mushrooms/ herbs can grow freely. For more information please follow this link and make sure your community project or waste land benefits from this natural way of harvesting food for you and our wildlife. Foraging at it`s very best.

May we also offer special thanks to the group for providing a range of freshly picked apples which have been used as part of a workshop on the Isle of Bute for children to learn about apple varieties and also encourage a forest garden as part of the school`s forest education programme.



Apple Orchard Day – Holyrood

Holyrood Apple Day on Thursday 25th September co-sponsored by MSP`s was more than just an apple celebration. Coffee Conscience, with the support from our many customers was delighted to present a further donation to the Commonwealth Orchards for more community fruit trees. We announced that over 1,000 apple trees have been funded from the sales of our branded Fairtrade coffee, tea, and chocolate. A range of apples from Isle of Bute were on display along with over 70 different varieties from orchards throughout Scotland. Representing North Bute Primary School is Lauren Holly Miller (aged 9) presenting the donation to John Hancox (Commonwealth Orchard) which will support up to 30 community orchards for the forthcoming winter planting. From Cappuccino to Apple Trees, we know every cup makes a real difference as we reach this incredible milestone.

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MacMillan Coffee Day

Congratulations to all our customers for raising money for this very important charity. We hope our request for donations helped towards your final collections. Please follow this link to see the latest national amounts raised  Please remember that MacMillan need your support throughout the year and from first-hand experience, Coffee Conscience appreciate the support MacMillan and their nurses offer patients.


Macmillan Coffee Morning – 26th September


With over £20 million raised in 2013 from the MacMillan Coffee Morning, this is a reminder of the ‘World`s Biggest Coffee Morning’ on Friday 26th September. For your Macmillan Coffee Morning Kit please follow this link and register at:

Most of us know of, or, have someone close to us who have experienced cancer. Coffee Conscience will be supporting our customers to ensure our commitment to supporting this worthy cause.

Foodbank Donation

Coffee Conscience have offered a  donation to a new Foodbank which recently opened on the island where our head office is based. For many individuals, Foodbanks are an essential part of survival no matter where we live. With a population of less than 6,000 residents, it is re-assuring that the Scottish Government recognises and aims to tackle food poverty (see link : )

Although money can act as a catalyst for support, we also need to continue investment in existing and new community gardens to provide the fresh produce to Foodbanks as part of ongoing programmes for social, environmental, and community responsibilities.