The future of cycling


Spotted outside of a Milan bike shop was a possible glimpse of the future for sustainable cycling. Made principally from Bamboo and using recycled and sustainable materials, it is good to see the human race adapt to change for a better world and environment. Light weight, strong, practical, and sustainable!

Shettleston Community Growing Project


Our thoughts are with Shettleston Community Project in Glasgow who were victims of a fire which destroyed the children`s workshop area, potting shed, and polytunnel. Having experienced similar within a community garden project, it makes the community stronger and support, however large or small can get these projects back to normal.

Marion Bate (Project Co-ordinator) has advised that the community have rallied together and the Glasgow City Council are helping with the clear up programme. Like a seed, this project will flourish quickly and our sincere heartfelt thoughts are with the group. If you wish to give your support to the project please follow the local giving icon on the following link Please tick the Gift Aid box when processing to provide an additional 25% of your donation to the project. We will keep our readers informed.

Torwood Garden Centre – MacMillan Coffee Day

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Well done to staff and customers at Torwood Garden Centre for raising almost £2,000 for charity. Coffee shop regular customer Caroline (pictured above) won one of the 2 bikes donated by Coffee Conscience for her grand-daughter. Carbon reduction for the future generation but we hope the winners enjoy their prize.

Special mention as well for Blossom`s @ Torwood for winning Best Café 2015 award run by the Falkirk Herald. Well Done to everyone involved!



Keep up the good work” message from the First Minister


At Holyrood Parliament, by good fortune, Coffee Conscience met Nicola Sturgeon after she came to the main entrance hall to meet a primary school from Dundee attending the Apple Orchard Day. After meeting the group she came towards Coffee Conscience where we explained our attendance and announcement of trees funded from the sales of our Fairtrade Coffee. The First Minister asked us to “Keep up the good work”.


Carbon Credits


In world eager to cut carbon emissions and meet their country targets, it raises concern when carbon credits can be abused as shown by the latest BBC report . Respecting our environment is critical and measurements alone will not be enough. We need to continue changing as communities and as a collective world to make the differences required to preserve our valuable planet and valuable resources. Perhaps developing countries have shown how resourceful and appreciative they are with their environment where less is more. If we can master the balance of a developing world with a developed world it may provide a solution to our future.

Recycle, Reduce, Re-use

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According to the latest government figures, they show the number of single-use plastic bags handed out by UK supermarkets has increased for the fifth year, rising to 8.5 billion.

However, in Scotland, which brought in a levy last year, there was an 18.3% decrease in the number of plastic bags handed out by retailers. In Northern Ireland the number of bags handed out fell by 42.6% following a previous drop of 71%, after a carrier bag charge was introduced in April 2013.

The answer is simple – Introducing a levy reduces the amount of bags being handed out and encourages us, as a society, to re-use and adopt ‘Bag for Life’ and demonstrates why small changes in our behaviour can make a difference and continue the efforts to clean up our environment.

Trellis Event – Paisley

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We would like to thank Natalie McCall for her kind words and seeking members of the community in the Paisley area to attend a special event planned for either 27th July or 3rd August 2015.

We recently received a generous donation from Billy Miller, CEO of Coffee Conscience who is a graduate of UWS and a strong supporter of local environmental projects, including a recently planted community orchard of 65 heritage fruit trees on the UWS Ayr Campus. 

Billy’s latest support will help fund one day of free training, delivered by Trellis, for 15 participants entitled “Meaningful gardening activities for people whose lives are affected by Alzheimers/Dementia”. The training will be a mixture of practical demonstrations in the garden, indoor presentations and provide an opportunity for networking and sharing best practice.

It would be great if we can find people to attend who are interested in learning more about the use of gardening as a supportive, life-enhancing therapeutic activity. At the end of the day we would expect attendees to leave with a clear plan of how to progress.

As an outcome to the training I would also like to offer a free outreach gardening support service/consultancy to residential centres in Renfrewshire for 4 hours per week over the summer and autumn.”

If you are interested and part of the Paisley and wider community, please contact Natalie direct at for more details, to volunteer, or to attend. Our thanks to Natalie again for the hard work, extra hours, and dedication serving the wider community and making a difference to the quality of life and social interaction which horticulture provides.


Kinrossie AFC


Coffee Conscience are pleased to announce our continued sponsorship of Kinrossie AFC. For those readers unfamiliar with their history, the club is based in a small ‘one street’ village with less than a dozen houses in the heart of Perthshire. Twice a week the local community and greater community gather to support the team, wash the kit, prepare the grounds, and socialise as a community. It`s this inspiring activity which many local groups provide which is at the heart of our communities and given their relative success on the park, demonstrates the importance of the team for their community members. This year we have provided training aids and training support to improve the health and fitness of the team. Although this doesn’t guarantee success, it shows commitment to improving their performance and showing how sometimes the underdogs can be victors. May we wish them every success for the 2015/16 season and for keeping the rural community heart central to their activities.

Outreach Gardening for people affected by Alzheimer`s and Dementia


When Natalie McCall (Community Gardens and Travel Co-ordinator SAUWS) discussed with Coffee Conscience a therapeutic outreach gardening programme for people affected by Alzheimer`s and Dementia in the Paisley area, it was inspiring to listen to the many outcomes of the projects. Gardening offers a sense of independence, achievement, and social inclusion whilst bringing communities together. A donation was made to the programme to provide support on seeds/ plants for the project which will enable the clients to prepare their own window sill garden areas and benefit from their input and allow them to pick fresh herbs and vegetables. Credit goes to individuals like Natalie who are not only committed to their work but make real differences to the communities around them.

Chatsworth – Derbyshire


This iconic and historical building in the heart of Derbyshire is a suitable candidate for their work within their community. Following a recent visit, concern was expressed about the customer experience and inclusion of social groups in the wider community. We were delighted to receive correspondence outlining the Devonshire Educational Trust which was set up as a charity dedicated to making Chatsworth, its estates and all its activities accessible to disadvantaged young people. Whilst they accept the trust works with local disadvantaged groups in nearby Chesterfield and Sheffield, it would be good to reach out further afield. It is such an inspirational estate which mixes classic with contemporary and opens the mind. With many miles of walkways and hidden gardens it offers such a healthy alternative to explore the beauty of the countryside. Appreciation to the Marketing and PR team at Chatsworth for their detailed response and future engagement plans to raise awareness to more disadvantageous groups.