At Coffee Conscience we are passionate about our coffee and the environment. Our philosophy and our believe is; every cup makes a difference by delivering social, environmental and community responsibility.

Over 16 years ago, our dedicated team, who have over 60 years combined coffee and hot beverage experience,  were one of the first national companies to supply Fairtrade to sector businesses (universities, local authorities, colleges, local authorities, retail high street cafes, etc…) and today we continue to provide this and help bring communities together.

We are passionate about our local community projects that are funded from direct sales of our product.  We know the real meaning of bringing communities together and supporting developing countries. We create real impact for real people and our various projects and environmental aims strive to make a real difference. The impact of our donations makes Coffee Conscience the market leader and innovator in the coffee sector.

In addition, we have people employed, who have worked in the ‘third sector’ (charity) and social enterprise sectors and know the real challenges these organisations face and the outcomes desired – this is where we make the real difference.

For every case purchased and every cup consumed of our Fairtrade coffee, helps community groups around the world. That’s why Coffee Conscience should be your first choice in coffee.